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My 1960 JAWETTA model 551 - original and un-restored.  Click to read the story of this moped.

Welcome to my web site, which is dedicated to the mopeds produced in Czechoslovakia, and later Slovakia, and sold world wide under the names JAWA and BABETTAAlso included is some information on some other brands of moped produced in Czechoslovakia.

I am John Woods and I live in a rural part of North Wales, in the UK.  I have owned, and been interested in JAWA and CZ motorcycles for some years and I have a  particular interest in the mopeds which were sold in the UK under the JAWA name.  I have created this site after receiving many requests for information about these mopeds, and for help with problems, from all over the world. Whilst I can not say that I am an expert, I hope that anyone who shares my interest in these machines may find something useful within these pages.

This site is a “work in progress” and I will try to add additional material to the site as it becomes available. If anyone reading this has any material, such as photos, manuals, or stories that you think would be a useful addition to the site, please contact me and I will be pleased to include it.  Also continue to contact me if you have a specific question not already answered on the site, and I will do my best to help.

This YouTube video is a James Bond themed advert for Coke Zero filmed in Prague.
The hero is riding a Babetta - a model 210 to be exact. 


I have for many years been a member of the Jawa - CZ Owners Club of Great Britain and Ireland, and I edit the club magazine “Torque”.  The club, which has been going for 60 years, exists for enthusiasts of all the motorcycles and mopeds manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia.  There are currently around 400 members world wide. The club has an excellent web site with club information, a photo gallery and membership details.  Go to www.jawaczownersclub.co.uk and have a look or click here to view a leaflet with full details of the club.

Important disclaimer:- I am NOT a professional mechanic, any advise or information within these pages is given in good faith and is based only on my own experience of “tinkering” with mopeds over the years.
If you are in any doubt about any technical or mechanical issue, you should consult a qualified engineer.
I can take no responsibility if it all goes horribly wrong. !!!

This site and its entire contents is copyright.  John Woods 2003 - 2014

I am regularly updating this site and I am trying to add new stuff as and when I find it.
Have a look around and look out for the items that I have added.

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