Stadion Mopeds

Information about this little known (in the UK) make of Czech moped is very hard to find.  The Encyclopaedia of Motorcycles just says:-

STADION - Czechoslovakia 1958 – 1966 Moped factory, which used 49cc engines supplied by Jawa. 

Other sources give a start date of 1956.  The S11 model is shown here – right, the model S22 is shown below left and the S23 models below right.
By 1958 some 50,000 of the S11 model had been produced, powered by the Jawa 50cc type 552 moped engine, (introduced in 1957) all assembled in the Stadion factory at Ceske Budejovice.  Earlier versions of the S11 were fitted with a Sachs engine.

The 552 designation fits in with other 49cc models of the same time, the model 550 being the “treestump” and the 555 is the “Pionyr” both made in the Povazske Strojarne factory. The model 551 is the Jawa produced “Jawetta” of the same period.
The 552 engines differ from all the other models mentioned, in having an upward angled cylinder barrel, all the others having a forward facing barrel in line with the crankcase.
There was also a version called the Riga 1, made in Latvia, which also made the later Stella. Babetta production also moved to this same factory in Latvia in the early 1980s resulting in poor quality machines which caused a loss of sales. (see my “History” page)

Stadion do not appear to have been exported to the UK, but  were sold in France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, and across Eastern Europe. The S11 was made until 1961 by which time over 200,000 S11 had been sold.  The best on-line information I could find is at the web site of a Czech Stadion fan at
and also at
Also there are a few small videos on YouTube:- An old publicity film at -
An extremely weird 1961 “comic” video at -
Some Stadion racing at -

The following are a few more brochures, articles, pictures etc. with more information on Stadions. Click on the small pictures to see a larger version.

An article from Czech Motor Review 1/1958.

1950’s publicity pictures

A few more assorted Stadion pictures

A 1958 sales brochure for the S22.

S11 data sheet

A technical article on the S11 from a 1959 CMR.

Two pictures of the model S22 from some sort of handbook.