Here is what limited information I have on the various moped models produced in Slovakia since the early 1990s. Click on an image to see a larger version and a bit more information.


The last version of the Babetta, the model 134 moped, was produced from 1994 until 1997.  It was the product of co-operation between Babetta at Kolarovo, the factory where the model 210 had been produced since 1986, and Stella of Riga, Latvia, who were already producing the Stella moped with their own, very poor, engines. Use of the Jawa name had been dropped by this time (see my “History” page for more).
The frames were manufactured by Stella in Riga and shipped to Kolarovo for assembly. The engine is the kick start one from the Babetta model 225.

Manet Korado

In 1994 moped production started up again in Povazska Bystrica, where the original Babettas had been made, with the introduction of the Manet Korado. This was equipped with a Puch Maxi engine made there under licence. The moped is in the style of the Babetta 210/225 models but with updated running gear, suspension etc. It was being imported into the UK under the Jawa CZ banner as these documents show. Here is a section of a 1997 brochure from Motokov UK ltd. - the UK Jawa/CZ importer, and an article and advert from a 1996 Motorcycle Trader magazine.
The Manet name is now owned by MP KORADO CZ, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.

Steward and Sprite

I have no further knowledge of these mopeds except for what is shown here. The clippings come from August 1998 issue of Motorcycle Trader, a UK magazine exclusively for the motorcycle trade. The write up says “.... produced in the old Babetta factory” - The resemblance of the Sprite to the older Stella model makes me think that this means the Kolarovo factory. The engine is different to all the other models on this page.

.....and there’s more

I know even less about these models. These are versions that I have found pictures of but very little other information. All these come from the 1990s and I would think that very few of each were made.