An assortment of brochures and articles on models 210, 215, 225 etc.  Click on an image to see a larger version and then use the left / right buttons at the bottom of each page to scan through the whole collection.

A 1985 “Shopper” leaflet.

Two early “Economy” brochures.

From Czech Motor Review from  1990

A leaflet from the USA importer.

Later “Economy” brochures - note the later forks with exposed springs.

An interesting leaflet from Czechoslavakia.
Thanks to Roman Hrtánek.

The Jazz, Jive and economy models from a 1990 brochure.

Leaflet from 1992.

From a 1992 brochure.

From Czech Motor Review of May ‘83 with details of the 2 speed, pedal start engines.


Some pictures of hard working model 210s in Vietnam.

A test report from a West German Magazine.

Slovak advertising material that details some of the versions available with a page of specifications. These also provided by Roman Hrtánek - many thanks.

Some pages from Slovak magazines - left, the cover of a 1986 issue of ‘Stop’ and right, two pages from ‘Moto Fan’.  These sent to me by Roman Hrtánek from Slovakia, who lives near Považska Bystrica city, the home of Babettas.

Some 210 engined mini bikes