A German leaflet and three from the USA Jawa importer.

A couple of dealer service bulletins with some important information for troubleshooting common problems.

Brochures, magazine articles and other information covering the 207 model.
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Details of the Sport model 207.500, made for the USA.

Spec of the X20, X25, X30, Transistor and Supreme models of the 207

An 8 page Freewheeler sales brochure from 1979.  Freewheeler bieng the name given to the later version of the 207 in the UK.

Click here to read a comparative test of a Jawa 207 and two other mopeds of the time, in the Reports section.

An A3 size poster from about 1980.

An article from Czech Motor Review from April 1979 describing changes to the 207.300 model and the fitting of indicators.